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One Word for One World

What is the largest translation company?

Over the years, large agencies like Lionbridge, SDL, and Transperfect have topped the list.

Fasttranslator specifications (2020)

Fasttranslator is a mid-sized LSP (Language Service Provider) that has undergone impressive growth over the years. After starting in 2000, the company expanded rapidly. Currently, our translation company has offices in the USA and Europe.

Translators: 4,200

Number of languages served: 150

Daily output in words: 274,000

Number of offices: 43

Products: Certified translations, interpreting services, audio transcription, localization, terminology management, translation management, and Translation Memory support

Office(s) in the United States ( New York, Pasadena, Westlake Village, Houston, and Arlington.

Office(s) in Canada ( Montreal.

Office(s) in Germany ( Cologne, Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Hanover, and Nuremberg.

Office(s) in Sweden ( Stockholm, and Gothenburg.

Office(s) in The Netherlands ( Almere, Amsterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Nijmegen.

Office(s) in France ( Paris, Strasbourg, and Province.

Office(s) in Finland ( Helsinki, and Tampere.

Office(s) in Denmark ( Copenhagen, and Aarhus.

Office(s) in Portugal ( .

Office(s) in Belgium ( Antwerp, Brussels, and Ghent.

Office(s) in Italy ( .

Office(s) in Austria ( Vienna, and Salzburg.

Office(s) in Norway ( Oslo, and Stavanger.

Office(s) in Switzerland ( Zurich.

Office(s) in Spain ( Madrid, and Barcelona.

Office(s) in Ireland ( Dublin.

Office(s) in the United Kingdom ( London.

World ranking: 53

Western Europe ranking: 14

Clients include private people, government agencies, and companies of all sizes. We don’t differentiate between these types of clients. We’re just as happy to work for an individual who needs a translation of his/her driver’s license or diploma as we are for a large financial institution that sends us hundreds of thousands of words at a time on a regular basis.

Fasttranslator has 7,000 clients in 109 countries, and we’re pleased to provide top-notch language services across the globe.

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