One Word for One World
One Word for One World

You Can Choose Between Three Translation Quality and Price Levels:

1. Standard Translation – You can choose this quality level for almost all texts. The result is a translation that you can use right away, without spelling or grammar errors. Use the quote request form on our website to receive a free, competitively priced quote with no obligation. You can also send us an email and forward your text to us.

2. Top Quality, Sworn Translations – This quality level is best for your most important texts. For example, if you need a sworn translation of your document for official use, this level is recommended. This type of translation work takes more time, and the translation will be delivered to you on paper, along with the necessary seals and stamps for certification and/or notarization. This quality level mainly applies to translations of diplomas, passports, driver’s licenses, marital status declarations, death certificates, and other official documents.

3. Inexpensive translation – This is the level to choose if a low price is most important to you. For example, these could be translations that are intended for internal or one-time use. The translation will be handled by a junior translator and reviewed by professionals. Go to for the lowest price for your translation (not for sworn translations).

You will find our offices in many cities around the world: New York, Pasadena, Westlake Village, Houston, and Arlington. Please feel free to call or drop in at any time.

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