Fasttranslator Has Its Own Offices in Sweden

Simple map of Sweden

You will receive an accurate translation from or into Swedish via the translation services of our office in Sweden. Our locations work with extensive teams of translators. Each translator is specialized in a different subject area.

This means that we will assign a legal text, such as a contract or general terms and conditions, to a translator who has a background in law. Patient prescription information will be translated by a translator with a medical background. Technical texts, such as user manuals and technical specifications, will be translated by technical translators, and so on.

Whether you need a translation of a book, a contract, a magazine article, a financial report, user manual, or daily correspondence with your partners in Sweden, we can take care of everything.

Would you like more information? Email your text, or call one of our offices in Sweden (Stockholm, and Gothenburg), or call us in the United States. You will receive a competitive price quote (at no obligation) within the hour on business days.