Our experienced English to Arabic translators help you communicate with your Arabic-speaking target group.

Our Arabic translators have plenty of experience. They generally translate into Modern Standard Arabic (the Arabic spoken in Saudi Arabia and Egypt). This is the written Arabic that is acceptable everywhere in the Arabic speaking world. (Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman and Saudi Arabia). We generally charge less for an English-Arabic translation than other agencies. This is because we collaborate with a steady group of translators who translate large amounts of text into Arabic each year.

The Language

Arabic is an official language in 27 different countries around the world, and as many as 422 million people speak its various dialects. Most of these speakers live in the Middle East and North African countries such as Egypt and Algeria. Children in the Arab world learn regional varieties of Arabic as their first language and the universal Modern Standard Arabic in school. Classical Arabic is the written form of the language, and it has changed very little since it was used to write the Quran in the 7th century.

Experienced Professional Translators

Our network of thousands of freelance translators includes a large number of Arabic experts. We can provide translations from Arabic into any language and from any language to Arabic. All of our translators are native speakers. We make sure that they have the education and experience necessary to produce fluent idiomatic translations in the dialect you need.

Many of our Arabic translators are specialists in certain subject areas as well. If your project requires advanced knowledge of law, business, medicine, or any other specialized area, we have a qualified translator for the job available.

No matter how large your project, we will sure it’s completed before the deadline. We can usually translate emails and other short texts by the end of the day. One of our highly skilled project managers is assigned to every job to make sure projects are completed successfully within the specified timeframe. Project managers are also available throughout the translation process to answer any questions you have.

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