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Bengali is spoken in Bangladesh and several states in India. It is even the second most frequently spoken language in India after Hindi. Bengali is one of the most widely used languages worldwide, with 250 million speakers, of which 230 million are native speakers. It is an Indo-European language and has its own alphabet. The language also has had an important political significance for Bengali people, given India and Bangladesh’s turbulent history with each other. Another reason for its importance is its rich literary tradition. Doing business in India or Bangladesh means there will be a good chance that you will be confronted with Bengali. The huge differences between Western European languages in syntax, vocabulary, and alphabet mean that translations are essential. We can help you translate documents into and from Bengali.

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Specialist native speakers

The reason for using a translation agency is that you want a translation that is unambiguous and of the highest quality, and this is why we only work with experienced experts, who are native speakers of the target language. In this case, it means that as well as being experienced, your translator will be a native speaker of Bengali. And because quality is very important to us, we also demand that our translators be specialists in a particular area of expertise. An expert can translate jargon and specialist terminology just as it should be in the target language. In practice, it means that if you want a technical software description to be translated, we’ll get a technical translation specialist to do it. This also applies to legal, medical, financial, and commercial documents, of course. You can find an extensive description of all our areas of expertise on our website.

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