The Danish language

General information about the Danish language

Although Denmark is only about 16,562 sq. mi in size and only has about 5.5 million inhabitants, it has its own language that continues to grow in popularity. Danish is spoken both in Denmark and Greenland and belongs to the Scandinavian language group. These languages resemble each other very much.

We only offer translations into and from Danish done by native translators who have grown up with the target language as their first language and are familiar with its unique features. This is the only way for a text to be translated professionally. To ensure your Danish translation is not only orthographically correct, our translators provide relevant know-how in varying subject areas. That’s how we can always guarantee the high quality for which our translations are known. Give us a try and request a non-binding quote.

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Danish grammar

In Danish grammar, there is no neutral gender, only masculine and feminine. Also, there are only two definite and indefinite articles each. The articles are "et" and "en", "det" and "den". You can even attach the article to the end of nouns to mark them as definite or indefinite. Definite and indefinite nouns are often pronounced with a different form. This makes learning Danish as a second language difficult for many people. For this reason, we entrust the translation of your texts exclusively to native-speaking translators. They are familiar with the details and unique features of the Danish language and can translate your texts with pinpoint accuracy.

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In some cases, merely translating a document is not enough. Especially during complex and lengthy projects, it’s vital to invest in the translation process and simultaneously strengthen your Corporate Identity. This is a job for our experienced terminologists. They create a translation memory, which contains your company’s terminology, thereby promoting uniform, consistent language. Not even rushed orders can challenge us. For cases like these, we are happy to work with a team of translators who collaborate on your project.

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