Translation from French into English

French and English are two of the world's most spoken and influential languages, and it is imperative that you have documents translated from French into English by a reputable service such as ours.

French words such as hotte, levé and ouvrage can trip up English speakers who are attempting to translate between the two languages, but we work with native speakers from throughout the world to ensure that your text is accurately translated from French, whether it's originating from France, Belgium or Canada, into either British or American English as our translators are well versed with the nuances between these language variations.

Although the world is becoming more and more of a global society, we all speak different languages. That’s where we come in: We will bridge the gap between you and those you want to communicate with in these French-language documents or other forms of text.

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The standard rate for professional translations into English is dependent on the service type you choose. We offer machine translation, with or without human proofing, certified translations and high-quality translations according to ISO 17100 standards. We apply discounts for larger texts and projects with a lot of internal repetition. And, if you give us more time, we'll give you a larger discount. You can see the price for your project directly by clicking the purple button.

Katrin Bjørstorp
MarCom / Executive Assistant
Eltel Networks A/S
I must say you live up to your name. Fast assistance and good service. And despite the short deadline, the material was returned BEFORE time!