The Fastest Translation into Contemporary Norwegian

We are one of the few translation agencies that operate from their own offices in both the U.S. and Europe. Your Norwegian translation will be handled with care by our office in Oslo. Our office there manages a tightly-knit network of certified translators who are native speakers of Norwegian and also fluent in your originating language. We have an extensive database of qualified professionals to guarantee you the best translator for your job.

All translators in this network live in Norway, which means that you will receive a high-quality translation into contemporary Norwegian.

Specialists in Every Area

All translators in our network specialise in specific areas. We work with legal, medical, and technical translators. No subject area is beyond the scope of our expertise. For example, tourism, oil, gas, the environment, durability, history, traffic, transportation and logistics, politics, sports and winter sports, etc., all fall within our available subject areas. We guarantee that your text will be translated by a specialist in your field or industry.

Certified translations

We also provide certified translations of official records, such as birth certificates and professional licenses from Norway, into English for presentation to the UKVI and other important organisations.

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