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Marketing for Medical Service Providers

Have you ever considered getting your medical office's marketing materials translated into Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese or other languages? This is an exciting time to consider this method for improving existing client relationships, attracting new patients and creating a positive reputation within non-English speaking communities. Our accurate translations will earn you a solid reputation as you test the waters and engage these new patients for the first time.

Many underserved communities often rely on referrals from family members or close friends when choosing a medical professional. Gain a marketing edge by having access to our language translation specialists who can communicate medical information accurately in writing. Our language specialists understand complex medical terminology, and this differentiates our service.

Our medial translation services are appropriate for online advertising, client invoicing, service descriptions, blogs and other critical communications. We offer specialized translation services for existing medical marketing material. In addition, if your dental office, radiology lab or medical clinic requires a specific kind of document, you can just contact us with an inquiry.

Text message about medical appointment in Spanish

Differentiating your services by speaking the language of your customers.

Our services are ideal for improving your outreach to communities who do not use English as a primary language. We can customize these services to meet the needs of the residents within your immediate service area. This is an excellent strategy for improving your clinic’s revenues, broadening your outreach and building trust within your local area.


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