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Translating Modern Hebrew into English

Next to Arabic, Hebrew is the official language of Israel. Because learning this language is also a requirement for observant Jews regardless of their locations, you hear it spoken around the world. It bears mentioning that the Hebrew you would come to have translated is the modern form. Before its development, there were Biblical Hebrew, Mishnaic, or Early Rabbinic, Hebrew, and medieval forms of the language.

Hebrew Document Translations

Whether you need a contract, a piece of personal correspondence or a script translated from Hebrew into English, we can help. Our experts understand the abjad writing system as well as the need to supply the required vowel. We are familiar with printed and cursive forms of the alphabet.

Since the Hebrew University of Jerusalem actively works to expand the language by adding 2,000 new words each year, we ensure that we stay up to date on the latest additions. Providing an almost verbatim translation is possible because Hebrew, as well as English, rely on a sentence structure that places the subject first, with the verb and the object following in that order.

Full Range of Translation Services

We routinely work with official documents such as birth certificates, government correspondence, and legal agreements. Our professionals also translate medical files, leases, and insurance papers. Of course, we can also interpret your ad copy, book or movie script. Doing so allows cooperation between Israeli and British screenwriters, advertisers and talent scouts.

Translation Rates

We charge a standard rate per word to translate your Modern Hebrew text into English. Before accepting a project, we give you a quote for the entire document. Ask us about our discounts on lengthy texts and those that feature above-average repetitions of phrases or terminology explanations. Or, upload your document and immediately see what your machine translation with human revision will cost.

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