United Kingdom

Translating Your Text from Japanese into English

The United Kingdom is one of Japan’s major trading partners. Due to the UK’s demand for Japanese cars, manufacturers now maintain satellite offices in this country. Because of the increase in trade, the most commonly sought-after translations from Japanese into English are contracts, article advertisement pieces, and documents accompanying durable goods. Examples include instruction manuals and warranty information.

Attention to Detail

Being a language rich in morphemes, Japanese presents a challenge to the inexperienced translator. Our trained professionals, however, succeed in flawlessly determining the meanings of words based on the morphemes contained therein. These experts read kanji and Japanese syllabic scripts, including katakana and hiragana. Moreover, we determine the intended meaning of a text by applying the principles of Japan’s honorific speech system. Translating these expressions into English, which is widely informal in its address, requires a highly nuanced approach.

Breadth of Experience

Entrust your Japanese texts to translators who are as familiar with the spoken language as they are with the formal tone of the boardroom. A high level of linguistic competence ensures that your document translation hits all the right notes. Working with an extensive vocabulary and current phraseology in both languages results in first-rate translations.

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A lot of work is being done in the field of machine translation (MT). While some of those systems can effectively translate Japanese into English and English into Japanese, there is still a lot that needs to be done to perfect machine translation when it comes to the complexity of the Japanese language.

We strongly recommend that translations into and from Japanese be edited and reviewed by skilled and experienced Japanese linguists, who can ensure that the translation is contextually correct and reads well.

Katrin Bjørstorp
MarCom / Executive Assistant
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I must say you live up to your name. Fast assistance and good service. And despite the short deadline, the material was returned BEFORE time!