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Chinese characters are not always Chinese characters. It depends whether your text is for use in mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. In the 1950s reform of Chinese writing, many of the complicated characters were simplified. The so-called “simplified characters” that emerged could be written with substantially fewer strokes than traditional characters.

This reform sought to combat illiteracy, since even for the Chinese people, the system of writing has never been an easy matter. The new version was adopted in mainland China and Singapore. In China today, it’s rare to find texts written in traditional Chinese, while Hong Kong and Taiwan are still using the traditional form.

Do you need a professional and quick translation into or from simplified Chinese? If so, you’ve found the perfect partner. We translate texts from all fields into and from more than 150 languages. Naturally, these include translations from French into all Chinese languages and vice versa.

From French into Simplified Chinese

Highly qualified native speakers of Chinese who also have an excellent command of French will translate any text into fluent, error-free and up-to-date Chinese. Linguistic competency is of little help, however, if the translator doesn’t also have a good understanding of the text’s content. This is why all of our translators are not only skilled in the language but also very knowledgeable in their specific fields and familiar with the technical terms used in those industries.

We cover all subjects, including economics, science, technology, medicine, law, art, and culture, just to name a few. Our roster of translators is guaranteed to contain just the match for a perfect translation of your French text into Simplified Chinese.

Express Service and Project Management

We always work quickly and reliably to guarantee delivery of completed translations by the stated deadline. For particularly urgent jobs, you can also request our express service.

Our experienced professionals are ready to provide a perfect translation even in a very short time. Simply send us your text by email or using the quote request form and include all essential details. We will review it for scope of work and degree of difficulty and respond with a specific quote. All you have to do then is place the order and wait for the finished translation by the due date. Contact us today!


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