English to Chinese translation services

We have extensive experience with translations between English and Chinese. Our native-speaking Chinese translators represent various fields, providing – among others – financial, legal, medical, technical, commercial, and general translations into and from Chinese. Even texts in Spanish, Italian or other languages can easily be translated into Chinese for you.

More than simply one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, Chinese is now also the fastest growing in translation activity. Asia’s increasingly rapid economic expansion generates greater demand for Chinese translations.

There are many Chinese languages. In general, the term "Chinese" refers to Mandarin or standard Chinese. Our roster features a large number of Mandarin translators, but we also have professional translators for other Chinese languages that we can rely on for excellent work.

Specialized English-Chinese Translators

Our Chinese translators, like all translators we hire, have many years of translation experience. For translations into Chinese, we rely heavily on our extensive network of translators in China, Taiwan, and Singapore. The on-the-ground presence of these professionals ensures the highest language quality and avoids outmoded expressions. They can also tailor translations to a specific target market. If you’re targeting customers in Singapore, for example, our translators understand that market well.

In addition, our Chinese translators are specialized in up to two fields. For advertising copy, brochures, newsletters, or websites, we exclusively use translators with experience in creative and marketing writing. And we can always find the best translator for our clients’ official documents such as commercial agreements.

Request a free prospectus on Chinese translation! Just send us your text by email, specifying language combination and delivery date. And of course, you can always call our nearest location for a phone consultation.


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