Chilean Spanish Translations

Like Argentinians, Chileans refer to their native language as Castilian rather than Spanish. However, Chilean Spanish has become so self-contained that some linguists have stopped referring to it as Spanish or Castilian. They simply call it “Chilean.”

The spoken version is referred to as “Castellano” and has unique linguistic and lexical characteristics. This can be attributed to the many words and phrases that made their way into Castilian from respective indigenous tribal languages.

However, the indigenous population isn’t the only determining factor in the structure of Chilean Castilian. For centuries now, Chile has been considered an immigrant country, attracting people from all over the world.

A characteristic feature of Chilean Spanish is fast speech. As a result, many word endings are simply swallowed. An “s” at the end of a sentence is generally voiceless and pronounced with a mere breath. Additionally, the intonation of Chilean Spanish is very high, which gives it a singsong cadence.

Speaking and understanding are a challenge

It can be problematic for individuals with excellent European Spanish proficiency to understand Chilean Spanish and be understood in the country. One reason for this is the inflationary use of local expressions and idioms.

There are also dialectical differences between the cities and the countryside in Chile. “Andes Chilean” is spoken in the Chilean Highlands. Large port cities have also developed their own slang.

Our translation services into and from Chilean Spanish

These idioms can even find their way into business documents in Chilean Spanish. They are certainly used frequently in marketing materials. Therefore, when you need a translation from or into Chilean Spanish, you must assign a native speaker with professional experience in translation.

Our large network of translators allows us to provide just such a translator for your project, whether a book into Andes Chilean, a contract into Chilean Spanish, or an official government document like a birth certificate from Chile that needs to be translated into English and certified for the UKVI.

We handle large and small texts for a wide range of clients in almost every imaginable industry. For this reason, all of our translators must also have expertise in a particular field.

Remember: We only employ native-speaking translators who were raised with Chilean Spanish. They will translate your documents accurately. Our experienced project managers pay close attention to the preparation of your text as well as to the appropriate subject area. This is how we’re able to perfectly translate topical vocabulary.