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Despite its many unique characteristics, the Spanish spoken in Mexico still belongs to the Indo-European language family. More than 60 languages of indigenous peoples and tribal groups are recognised as national languages in Mexico today, and the Mexican government estimates that there are 400 dialects in the country.

Nevertheless, Spanish remains the official language and native tongue of most of the country’s 100 million people.

Spanglish and Mexicanisms

In recent years, Mexican Spanish has been greatly influenced by the linguistic characteristics of Mexicans who immigrate to the United States and later return to visit their home country. North American English has overlapped with this group’s Spanish to such an extent that another dialect of its own has begun to take form: Spanglish.

Parallel to Spanglish is a dialect made up of “Mexicanisms” that can be derived from indigenous peoples.

A Plethora of Unique Traits

Mexican Spanish differs from the Spanish spoken in Spain in that it has its own colloquialisms and intonation. Two typical features of Mexican Spanish are the frequent use of the diminutive form and the growing use of the word "ahorita," which stands for "now" but has the connotation of meaning “immediately” or "in a few hours."

Although Mexican Spanish has distinctly characteristic accents and intonations, the importance of Spanish vocabulary remains clear. In general, Mexican Spanish comes across as a more articulate and much calmer variety than Creole Spanish or the Spanish of other Latin American countries.

The importance of native translators

The everyday street language in Mexico varies quite a bit. Every social class and age group typically has its own slang, making it difficult for foreigners to communicate, even if their Spanish is good.

For this reason, we employ exclusively native-speaking translators who were raised with the language and are familiar with the cultural aspects and linguistic peculiarities of Mexican Spanish.

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