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Spanish is the only official language in Argentina and is spoken by its 40 million inhabitants as their native tongue. There are still extant minority languages, especially of the indigenous population, such as the Quechua, Guaraní, Mapudungun, Kolla, and Mapuche languages.

Although the Spanish spoken in Argentina is significantly different from that spoken on the Iberian Peninsula, it still belongs to the Romance branch of the Indo-European languages.

Our native-speaking translators were raised with the Argentine Spanish language and can translate your documents with pinpoint accuracy and attention paid to region-specific features.

Argentinean Spanish or Castilian Spanish

When visiting Argentina, European people who learned Spanish in school often have difficulty understanding Argentinian Spanish. The language has changed that much in the country.

For this reason, the Argentines have not called their language Spanish for quite some time. Instead, they refer to it as Castilian. Argentine Spanish, or Castilian, was influenced by the language of many Italian immigrants. As a result, a large vocabulary was borrowed from Italian, along with the adoption of many grammatical features.

The same goes for the characteristic pronunciation of Argentine Spanish or Castilian. For example, “ll,” “j,” and “sch” are spoken in a typical manner known as “Yeísmo.” The “z” and “c” are always clearly pronounced before an "e" or before an “i” in a style described as “Seseo”.

There are many of these variations of Spanish that are characteristic of Argentina, including the greeting "Buenos dias!" (Hello!), which was shortened in Argentine Spanish to simply "Buen dia!"

The meanings of many Argentine Spanish words have changed significantly from the original meanings in European Spanish. Due to their characteristic and unique way of speaking Spanish, Argentina is seen as extreme among the Spanish-speaking nations of South America.

Nevertheless, a professional translation into or from Argentinian Spanish is no problem for our experienced translators.

The Spanish of Río de la Plata

Within the Argentine Spanish language, there are many unique features and dialects spread out across the country. One of these is called Río de-la-Plata Spanish, which is spoken by many people in six regions of Argentina.

Río de la Plata Spanish is very widely distributed, most especially around Buenos Aires, the West of the country, the most Northwestern regions of Argentina, the Northeast, the central areas near Córdoba, and on the border with Bolivia. In the area of Buenos Aires and the surrounding region alone, Río de la Plata Spanish is spoken by almost 12 million people.

We have translators who speak Argentine Spanish, Castilian, and Río de la Plata Spanish!


The standard rate for professional translations from English into Spanish for Argentina is shown when you click the quotation button and upload your text. We do apply discounts for repetitive parts in the text.

Of course, we also translate from Argentinian Spanish into English or any other language. Frequently, immigrants from Argentina in the United Kingdom require a certified translation of their birth certificate or other official records for the UKVI. Besides large jobs for companies doing business in Argentina or Argentinian companies doing business abroad, we also handle these small jobs for individuals.

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