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Translation from French into English

French and English are two of the world’s most spoken and influential languages, and it is imperative that you have documents translated from French into English from a reputable service such as ours.

French words such as hotte, levé and ouvrage can trip up English speakers who are attempting to translate between the two languages, but we work with native speakers from throughout the world to ensure that your text is accurately translated from French, whether it’s originating from France, Belgium or Canada, into either American or British English as our translators are well versed with the nuances between these language variations.

Although the world is becoming more and more of a global society, we all speak different languages, but that’s where we come in as we will bridge that gap between you and those you are looking to communicate with in these French-language documents or other forms of text.

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Translation from German into U.S. English

U.S. English is known for its heavy reliance on expressions and colloquialisms. Even within the realm of official business communication, speakers and writers commonly employ casual phrases and terms that may be mixed seamlessly with specialized technical language.

U.S. English’s inconsistent formality also means that acceptable grammar or vocabulary might vary according to subject, audience or circumstance. Those who want to communicate effectively and professionally must understand these subtle differences to choose the right tone and get their original meaning across accurately.

Our project managers have years of experience selecting translators who can seamlessly transition your German documents and media into fluent U.S. English. We pride ourselves on accuracy, and we’re always prepared to offer rapid turnarounds that let you publish sooner.

Our experienced staff understand the pitfalls of translating Austrian, Swiss and other German variants to flawless U.S. English. To learn more about making your message understood by wider audiences, call for a free quote today.

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Translating Modern Hebrew into American English

Next to Arabic, Hebrew is the official language of Israel. Because learning this language is also a requirement for observant Jews regardless of their locations, you hear it spoken around the world. It bears mentioning that the Hebrew you would come to have translated is the modern form. Before its development, there was the Biblical Hebrew as well as the Mishnaic, or Early Rabbinic, Hebrew and the medieval form of the language.

Whether you need a contract, a piece of personal correspondence or a script translated from Hebrew into American English, we can help. Our experts understand the abjad writing system as well as the need to supply the required vowel. We are familiar with printed and cursive forms of the alphabet.

Since the Hebrew University of Jerusalem actively works to expand the language by adding 2,000 new words each year, we ensure that we stay up to date on the latest additions. Providing an almost verbatim translation is possible because Hebrew, as well as English, rely on a sentence structure that places the subject first, with the verb and the object following in that order.

Translation from Italian into English

There are several reasons to translate a text from Italian into English, whether it is a technical manual, a notarial deed or other document. First and foremost, English is understood by many people all over the world. The Italian language is much more difficult to understand and to learn. Professional US English is especially important because it is generally applied by international businessmen to build and maintain a positive relationship. Political misunderstandings should be avoided, which is why English will be the preferred default language during official state visits. To make your Italian documents accessible to American English-speaking customers and business partners, they should be translated professionally. To ensure a high quality translation from Italian into English, we work with native translators. They have grown up with Italian and English and know the language down to the smallest detail. Whether you would like to translate into American, British or Australian English – we are the right partner for your project.

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Translation from Japanese into English

The United States is one of Japan’s major trading partners. Due to the American demand for Japanese cars, manufacturers now maintain satellite offices in this country. Because of the increase in trade, the most commonly sought after translations from Japanese into American English are contracts, article advertisement pieces, and documents that accompany durable goods. Examples include instruction manuals and warranty information.

Attention to Detail

Being a language rich in morphemes, Japanese presents a challenge to the inexperienced translator. Our trained professionals, however, succeed in flawlessly determining the meanings of words based on the morphemes contained therein. These experts read kanji as well as Japanese syllabic script including katakana and hiragana. Moreover, we determine the intended meaning of a text by applying the principles of Japan’s honorific speech system. Translating these expressions into American English, which is widely informal in its address, requires a highly nuanced approach.

Entrust your Japanese texts to translators who are as familiar with the spoken language as they are with the formal tone of the boardroom. A high level of linguistic competence ensures that your document translation hits all the right notes. Working with an extensive vocabulary and current phraseology in both languages results in first-rate translations.

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Translation from Polish into English

Polish is the official language of Poland. The country actively trades with European partners who import its transportation equipment, heavy machinery, and chemical products. Another major pillar of its economy is tourism. Additionally, it is interesting to note that Poland broadcasts some of its television programming internationally. Combining these three economic sectors proves that the Polish language is not limited to its own country but indeed spoken worldwide.

Polish Document Translations

Our professionals translate legal, medical, scientific and technical documents. We also handle the translation of book or television scripts, instruction manuals, assembly instructions, warranty agreements and government records. Because the Polish language, depending on the area where it is spoken, borrows quite a few words from Romanian, Hungarian, and Yiddish, our experts are familiar with terms from those languages.

Typo-logically speaking, Polish employs a relatively free word order, which only occasionally follows the subject-verb-object arrangement. As a result, we try to translate verbatim where it is feasible to do so; for other sentences, we will choose a grouping that gets across the meaning of the phrase in a manner that sounds natural to English speakers. In the same way, our translators will strive to take a gender-neutral tone as much as possible. Since the language presents with three genders for nouns, but American English seeks to be gender inclusive in its writing, we try to follow American tastes unless it is germane to the text.

Translation from Portuguese into English

The English and Portuguese languages are both languages which are highly important worldwide. The historically established importance of these two European languages appears in every field of human endeavor. This is true whether speaking of cultural or economic interactions. You can clearly see the importance of translation work by translators from Portuguese into English within the context of economic and political developments. This is in no small part because Brazil plays an increasingly important role in global affairs as the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world. While Portuguese is not as widespread as Spanish or English, more and more international companies benefit from employees with an in-depth knowledge of Portuguese. After all, more than 180 million people in the world speak this Iberian language. Our competent project managers prefer to explain to the translator the elements of a transcription from Portuguese into English to which he or she should pay attention. You can reach us by phone and email.

Native speaking translators for all areas of business

We always translate your documents with the high quality to which you are accustomed, we work according to the “Native Speaker Principle”. This means that only a native speaker will be assigned your document for translation. It also ensures a precise translation in regard to language as well as cultural characteristics. This is because a native speaker grew up in the country of the target language, and is familiar with all subtleties of the language and culture.

Similarities and differences between the Portuguese and English languages

Under the category of similarities, both languages have similar sentence constructions. So, it is not uncommon that a sentence in Portuguese (both Brazilian and European Portuguese) has the same syntax as in English. Many words of Portuguese are spelled identically to their counterparts in the English language. Mostly, these are words which have common roots in Latin. The Portuguese alphabet has a total of 23 letters. The letters K, W and Y in the English alphabet are missing. In addition, eleven letters of the Portuguese alphabet have diacritical marks, for example, the letter “Ç”.

Our translators know the intricacies

Another important difference between these two world languages is the fact that Portuguese is far more flexible with the placement of individual rate elements than English. Although the sentence structure of the two languages is very similar, it is possible to find the position of adverbs, pronouns and adjectives elsewhere throughout a Portuguese sentence than an English speaker would expect to find them. Still, it should be noted that Portuguese has far fewer prepositions than English. To translate Portuguese documents precisely into English, we employ only native English translators. They know the intricacies of the language and always translate your texts into the perfect tone. Give us a try and contact us! We are looking forward to your call and email! Or, simply upload your document for an instant translation quote.

Translation from Spanish into English

Effective, Rapid Document Translation from Spanish into U.S. English

Like many languages, Spanish has a rich history and many unique modern variants. While American English may not have been around quite as long as many forms of Spanish, translating from Spanish to U.S. English is still a complex task that requires skill and attention to detail.

Our project managers are well-versed in the rules and techniques required to translate Spanish effectively. We’ll help you find a native translator who grew up speaking American English and has the work history to prove their expertise.

What Does It Take to Translate Spanish into American English?

Unlike some translation jobs, you can’t simply perform a word-by-word dictionary lookup to create an English document from a Spanish original. You need to understand the entire meaning to replicate it in English.

Spanish includes many distinct features, such as a rich system of pronouns that perform a wider range of roles than their English equivalents. English also has more rigid rules concerning the order of certain words and parts of speech, which can make it harder for Spanish speakers to select appropriate syntax and sentence construction.

Good translation services don’t stumble when they’re confronted with these kinds of challenges. Our team of project managers and native-speaking professionals are intimately familiar with what makes U.S. English look, sound and feel authentic. This gives us the ability to translate your European, Central American, or South American content more accurately, and it also ensures we create results faster. Contact us today to get your next successful translation job moving.

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Translation from Vietnamese into English

The United States is one of Vietnam’s most interested buyers of available exports. Primary goods include black pepper, rice, and coffee. Alongside agricultural goods, the United States also imports technology products from this country.

Translating Vietnamese Documents into American English

We routinely handle the translation of government and school documents, manuscripts, technical data sheets and instruction manuals, legal briefs, medical files as well as research texts, and scientific textbooks. Our professionals are well aware of the importance to take a nuanced approach when preparing a translation. While it is common in American English to use an essential word that conveys multiple meanings, Vietnamese is a language rich in a nuanced vocabulary where a word’s meaning changes entirely based on the descriptive terms that accompany a standard verb.

Moreover, we are in tune with the use of formality in the language’s writing styles. Bringing across the degree of formality that is chosen by the Vietnamese writer into American English is crucial for an accurate translation. This practice is particularly vital in writings where there is a mix of formal and informal sections.

Of course, whenever possible, we will focus our translation of any text on the standards expected by audiences of the target language. For this reason, it is virtually impossible to employ verbatim translation techniques. Depending on the phrases, we occasionally add translators’ footnotes when there are particular expressions that must remain intact for the sake of authenticity even though they may not sound “natural” to English speakers. We do not have to employ this practice often.

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